Saturday, June 4, 2011

Durian O durian

It is 5 a.m and I am still awake at this hour in Kak Sha's and Husna's house at Dalton Road, Epping. Husna, it is her room I am sleeping in now. Lucky her because today...I mean yesterday, she was formally announced as a wife of Mr. Hafiz. My warmest congratulation to my dear Husna and Najmi too as they are now entering to a new chapter of life. Best wishes to you guys and may Allah grant you happiness and barakah...Ameen. Even though I was not there to be with you guys on your big days, my prayer is always be for you, with love from Melbourne!

OMG..Ya Allah..I should have slept by now as tomorrow I need to attend rehearsal for tonight's dinner. I think I should blame durian for this. Durian..O durian, I realized I have been missing that fruit for ages anyway, more than a year or probably two. The king of fruits....

It was so strange that today my friend Eva found it ready-packed in an Asian grocery shop at Melbourne Central while we were heading for train to Epping. And haha.. it was partly her fault because she was the one who has been craving the durian since her early pregnancy and today she found and then bought that.. We ate them..Masyallah...soooooo yummmy!!

Me like like like them so much!! I forgot about the calories calculation..a habit that I have been struggling to practice since 2 weeks ago. I forgot that I had just measured my weight and lost 2 kg since 2 weeks ago. And I didn't care much or I might just pretending to forget when my eyes met the durian...hihi. The durian..the taste that mattered....

To our surprise..the durian was seedless. and I was the one who ate more than anyone else and now serve me right!! But wait...durian has kept me warm this freezing night hhahaaha! At least, it did something good to me ok.. Haha...Eva is now awake watching Korean series.. Durian O durian..what have you done.. Poor her but thank you Eva :). Irony, Kak Sha is sleeping peacefully like always. Tired of teaching me cha cha...hahaha.

Nevertheless, I found this article that claimed durian could also bring benefits to our body provided not too much of eating. Interesting isn't it? I nerves are now getting so stressed. I better stop is already Subuh. Good morning everyone! Sweet dreams to me...:)

Jazz Aziz