Assalamualaykum wbt..

Praise be to Allah (swt) and peace and blessing be upon His messenger Muhammad (pbuh).

These story are taken from Iphone application called Stories of Prophets in Islam. It has always been my dream to share those stories in my blog. At first, I thought of compiling the stories found in various website but it really does take time to arrange in sequence. Until I found a paid application in Iphone, that I think it is a great idea to share the entire article. It might take sometimes as I need to read it first and edit the paragraph before delivering to this blog.

The articles are based on the work by Ibn Kathir, known as a qadi, a master scholar of history, muhaddith and also mufassir (Qur'an commentator). I personally found the stories are very stimulating, great for bedtime or leisure reading. It contains some repetitions but I found it have been a good way of emphasizing the importance of the events.

Please note that I am not the author under this label (Seerah of the prophets). This label is entirely sharing articles. Like the say sharing is caring. Insyallah, I hope this column would be beneficial to those who are looking for something like this. May Allah leads us to the righteous path..Ameen.

Jazz Aziz