Sunday, November 4, 2012

Allah loves him more...

Whenever I hear or watch a heartbreaking news because of awful car crash in TV, my heart is sorry. And every time, I can't imagine if it involves any of my close family member. And I can't imagine if it costs the lives of us. It is more than a nightmare and I don't want it happen. But who am I to stop this. (sobs...). Yesterday 31 Oct 2012 at 1.04 a.m, I lost my beloved cousin Ju (Zulkifli Hassan) due to a terrible car accident a week ago. He was 23. Oh Yaa ALlah..he is too young. Me and my brother Emeiy, caught the earliest airplane that morning heading back to our  hometown.

The final week in Melbourne was the most challenging ever amongst other time there. The packing, the  shopping, days of headache and diarrhoea and my long analysis were tremendously tense. And the news of my cousin was the hardest part.

I got to know the accident news from my sister's FB status last week. It was a day after the accident and a day before Aidil-Adha. Ju and his wife Atirah were in coma, suffering of brain injuries and broken legs both of them. It was little funny that my family tried to hide the news knowing that I was stressful with my final analysis, but yeah news spread fast no matter where you are. Thanks FB for that!

Ever since I knew the news, my mind was with him, praying he and his wife would have a speedy recovery. And of course I could not bear my tears knowing their condition. The last time I met him was on their wedding last year, September 2011.

Knowing him, it is a blessing. He was like my own brother. He was a sweet boy, a joker and he liked to smile when he talked. He never said no if we asked for help. He sacrificed a lot for the family and a great helper to his mum..a loving uncle of the little kids. I remember he sent me to bus stations every time I wanna return to uni when I was in my first degree. He also photographed my wedding and I photographed his last year. This sudden death has been a great lost to us. Truly. I will be missing him indeed. No more his way of joking.

They were hospitalised in Temerloh hospital, 7 hours drive from our hometown. Ju's body was sent back to his home for the rest of our families to see him for the last time included me. His mum and siblings were with him from the day he was hospitalised. His eldest sister and our families waited at home prepared for the burial. I saw him for the last time. Yes, we did say good bye to his body but his soul would always remain in our memories. It was hard for everyone but I believe this is the best for him and for us, furthermore Allah is the best planner and we accept this test.

I met Atirah a moment ago on her wheelchair. Yaa ALlahu Rabbi. It was sad but ALhamdulillah, I think the recovery of hers is quite fast. Allahu Akbar. There is countless stitches on her face and lost 7 teeth. But, that is okay, we are happy as she is now conscious, and can speak, and remember us all finally.

Yesterday, she made decision to come home because her husband will not be there with her anymore. I believe she is a strong person because she wanted to leave the hospital even the doctors there advised to rest a bit more days. I think I could feel her...she wants to be close to Ju. She is too young to handle this test. Losing a husband at a very young age, they are both 23. In fact, it is beyond my imagination how the feels like to be her. I lost a husband when I was 27. It is different because I am divorced. But for her, she is still young, not working, considered a newly wed, just started to live and she is tested by losing the man she loves, the man she always depended on.

My auntie Wan Chik and cousins Ayu, Bani, Mat, Ida and Sherry, they have done everything they can. Allah has mercy to let them took care of Ju and shower their love during his coma. May Allah bless you all and reward with His barakah.

ALhamdulillah Yaa ALlah. I pray that Allah Ta'ala give Atirah strength and spirit to move on. Also to my auntie and my dear cousins for this lost. Allah has reason for all these..and inshallah this is the best for late Ju, Atirah and us all.

Innaalillahi wainnaa ilaihi raaji'un. May Allah place my cousin Zulkifli Hassan are among the solihin.

"O Allah, forgive ZULKIFLI HASSAN. Make him among the guided ones, raise his status and be his deputy among the grieving. O Lord of the two worlds, forgive us and him and make his grave wide and full of light".

1 November 2012