Monday, March 28, 2011

Life is a journey of opportunities..

Recently, I noticed that research in X-ray physics is not anymore my passion. That does not mean I am giving up..I would never give up in what I have started. But I am thinking of starting another journey. It is funny when I think about what I have been through in my tragic and dramatic but Alhamdulillah I am still me..a happy-go-lucky one. I should be grateful for that. 

Then, I come to believe the reason why people often said life is a drama or game and we are the players. For some people, they might see how unfortunate I was to experience all these but to me those have been great lessons to walk through my life with more perceptive, appreciative and balanced. Yet, the pathways have never been forgotten as a reminder in later course. 

Be a good player.  The choice is always open and it is all ours. Life is too short and beautiful to be ruined by deep regrets, griefs and frustrations, therefore we must cherish every moment we have. It is normal to feel down when we are upset…well this what life is about, ups and downs but never let our emotions rule over us. Get up  and move on…believe me this is the hardest. As a matter of fact, this is where the strength come from, to combat our inner fear, sorrow and whatever negative feelings nesting around us.

Always ask Allah the Lord for help and mercy to give us guidance and strength, then try to deal with it. I always believe He give us test because He wants us to  be an endurance one and how deeply He care about us. Everything happen for a right reason and the purpose of our existence  alone is to discover. 

~Jazz Aziz~

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