Saturday, April 9, 2011

I wanna be fit!! Jom!

Last night, I woke up in the middle of the night. I felt I have excessive fat at my tight. I knew I have fat there but I don't think that much!! To make sure, I touched it and was so surprised because it was really there. How on earth did I not realize them!! I was nearly screaming but I was too sleepy to make a sound. 

Haha...First thing I woke up this morning, I checked them. my was only a nightmare. A freaking nightmare! Laughing at myself...may be it happened because I watched the biggest losser the night before. hihi...or probably of the depression and insomnia lately.

Today, I want to share tips of the day of how to keep ourselves fit. I am now weighted of 59kg. I gain 4 kg in 2 months which is not a good thing. Let us do something to ourselves. These tips are not expensive at all. Everybody can try, the choice is always ours. Prevention is better than cure ok. 

Stay healthy to avoid chronic diseases, and save money! Do you know why?? If we ignore a healthy lifestyle, we could easily get sick and welcome diseases to our body. The cost for the treatment itself is extremely huge. Imagine if the money could be used for things that we like such as travelling or shopping...ngee. We might not be able to prevent some diseases but at least we do something to reduce the risk. And these are some kind of investment for a better future.

  1. Exercise regularly.
  2. Sleep earlier.
  3. Take vitamin supplement.
  4. Cut down red meats and eat more vegetables.
  5. Never skip breakfast.
  6. Avoid stress out.
  7. Never let ourself hungry.
  8. Eat complete meal.
  9. Wash hand often.
  10. See doctors for checkup.
I would like to share some pictures of Fox Glacier hiking in New Zealand last summer. It was my first ever experience and God knew how was the feeling. How deadly it was! I was't prepare for that, I mean physically I was not! In the middle, I felt like I was out of breath. I thought I would die there! But alhamdulillah not yet. I just needed to hold on a lil longer to get there. It was paid when I really got there. Masyallah...God creation left me speechless. Next time, I will need to prepare..please..

Half day expedition to Fox Glacier, New Zealand
Feb, 2011

Okay, get back to the subject. Burn those calories! Keep ourself moving at the very least is walk. Benefits of exercises are reducing stress, more productive, stronger immune system, heathy skin, prevent obesity, better sleep and no dieting!! 

Need to put more info but I have to go for groceries shopping. Shopping for fruit, vegetables, eggs, fish, chicken.....bla... Anyway, let's do this! Live healthily! Rosha, keep your words ok..Gym or Zumba next week! I am looking forward ok! Good luck everyone. The choice is always.

~Jazz Aziz~

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  1. “Stay healthy to avoid chronic diseases, and save money!”—I couldn't agree more! Keeping fit is the cheapest way to avoid diseases. It can also help you improve your sleep cycles since you're insomniac.