Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The War You Don't See

Not having any program in mind last night, I accidentally turned-on 'The Biggest Losser'. I am not a fan but I sometimes watched that during my dinner. That time was Lara's elimination leaving her blue team. Tears came out when Lara gave her last words. It was very courageous to be like her as her total lost of more than 37 kg, from 107 kg of her weight at the beginning of the season premiere on late January this year. Seeing the make over of her was totally amazing. Then, I switched to SBS and found an interesting documentary waiting in the next 30 minutes.
Watching the War You Don't See brought me another insight of the stupid and shameful world political leaders against major wars that happened around us since I don't know probably long time ago. The propaganda, the untold stories behind the tragedy and the crime on a very large scale. The documentary was hosted by John Pilger, an Australian journalist, a writer and a film maker. 

When I was a kid, I was too busy with my world. Every time I saw people died in a war on TV, I was sad wondering why did people kill other people. I didn't understand. Probably, they were very badly behaved. And I didn't ask more. Now, I understand behind all these, there are agendas that the leaders does not want the people to know. If we know the truth, it will be difficult for them in achieving their goals.

Wars since World War 1, or may be wars from long time before, the World War II, Vietnam’s War, the invasion of Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine and many other have been heartbreaking to many of normal human being in this world. All these while, we are so spoon-fed by the news told by the mainstream media which are responsible in spreading their propaganda. 

And, it was ashamed that all these while most of us believed in the news and live with it. We, the audience are the victims, and more sadly the civilians in the targeting area of the war. Their blood is priceless to them. While we are sitting comfortably, many people’s lives are at stake. Many women lost their husbands and brothers. Many children live as orphans. Helplessly, we could only watched from far with tears and send prayers to them. 
Confessions of some embedded journalists whom smelled something fishy were shocking. So did the army. Embedded journalist refers to news reporters being attached to military units involved in armed conflicts. Don’t ask don’t tell. That is how they work. How they blindly accepted orders and executed just like that. 

I watched a footage of the American troops waited to shoot a number of man on the street in Iraq. After they got orders, they killed them all. And they said ‘Nice’. How sad. Surprisingly, a woman and a boy were also wounded in that scene. They were civilian. I wonder who the terrorist really are. 
Many true stories were hidden, many seen on TV were planned. The ethics of embedded journalism are considered as controversial, while ‘unembedded’ journalism is associated with courage and independence. I salute the independent as well as the embedded journalist that realize and struggle for the truth, put their life in danger to tell the world what has been going on. 

Most of them, did not know the truth until they were really there, seeing them with their eyes, experience them on hand. Watching the pain of the people, they knew something was not right. Some of the these journalist died because they were killed by the troops. I read their stories and it touched my heart the deepest because they sacrificed their life for us. For the world.
The life or blood of men, women and children in the war depend on the truth that lies behind the untold stories in the mainstream media. They suppose to be the voices of people not power. Their voices will actually save the world. On the other hand, you journalist are the most powerful agent to bring awareness to the public about the truth of the events occurred because you know the truth. But sadly, the mainstream media is already part of the game. Nevertheless, this would not stop us in knowing the fact. Open your eyes, seek the truth. 
~Jazz Aziz~

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