Friday, June 15, 2012

Arabic Class for Beginners

I took Arabic class for beginners! Suhanallah...I am in love with this language. I thought I would want to learn because this is the language of Quran, but it is more than you can imaging! It is a very rich language. I spent 4 months, once a week, learning the bottom part since February this year, even though it is fundamental but it is important. This course is offered in Melbourne Medina, in the heart of Melbourne city. 

I have always loved meeting people with beautiful heart, so mesmerising. Mashallah, I met many wonderful sisters..Sister Hanada, she has been a very great teacher, my fellow classmate sister Widya, a Singaporean working as a nurse, sister Maria, an Italian convert, also a nurse, sister Ditta, an Indonesian medical student, sister Jabeen, an Indian engineering student, Somalian sisters, Sara and Muneera, and few more Somalian and Sudanese sisters that I don't remember their names. May Allah bless them. 

Subhanallah...this has been great opportunity for me and alhamdulillah I scored the highest in the test :). That motivates me more. Sadly, I decided to defer due to this thesis stuff. Inshallah...I will continue in the future. Inshallah in Malaysia. 

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