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The Words

In the name of ALlah, the Merciful, the Compassionate

Praise all be to Allah Subhanahua Ta'ala. We praise Him and seek guidance, help and forgiveness. We seek refuge in Allah from our souls' evils and our wrong doings. And may peace and blessing be upon our beloved messenger Prophet Muhammad, upon his family and companions.

Someone suggest me an article 'The words'. is a great article. May Allah guide us to His path. Ameen. Anyway, it is a long article, and I have picked the points. You may go here for further reading.  

The Words
by: Bediuzzaman Said Nursi

The First Word

[The Queen] said: "Ye chiefs! Here is - delivered to me - a letter worthy of respect. It is from Solomon, and is [as follows]: In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate." 
Qur'an, 27:19-30

Bismillah "In the name of Allah", we must say before any action. Allah has given so much bounties in this world thus should we return His bounties and goods by 
1. Remembrance: Begin any action with Bismillah "In the name of Allah"
2. Thanking: When finishing something with Alhamdulillah "All praise be to Allah"
3. Reflection: Aware of God's bounties and mercy, and think about the miracle of His creation.

The Second Word

Those who believe in the Unseen

 Great happiness and bounty, great pleasure and ease are to be found in belief in God.

The Third Word

O you people, worship !
Qur'an, 2:21

The happiness in this world lies in worshiping and being a soldier for Almighty God. Thank Him that we are muslim. Great loss and ruin lie in vice and dissipation.

The Fourth Word

The prescribed prayers are the pillar of religion.

With the right intention, the spirit, the heart and the mind find great ease in prayer. All of the other acts of someone who performs the prescribed prayers become like worship. It is like a ticket to paradise.

The Fifth Word

Indeed, God is with those who fear Him and those who do good.
Quran 16:128

Our world is turbulent, full of test, human society. Those devoted Muslim who knows the obligations of his religion and performs them, struggle with Satans and his own soul in order to give up serious wrongdoings and not to commit sin will be granted paradise.  Whilst the hell is for degenerated wrongdoer who is so immerse in the struggle for livelihood that he casts aspersion to Allah, the True Provider, abandon his religious obligations, and commits sins that come his way. 

Our duty is to give life and sustain it, worship and beseech Allah, the Giver and the Sustainer of life. It is to trust in Him and rely on Him. Life in this world is temporary, it is a great loss if we aim for this world. The ultimate is the hereafter, thus make this life means of it and its tillage and strive in accordance to it, be the servant of Almighty God, His honoured and respected guest.

The Sixth Word

Verily God has purchased from the believers their persons and their property thatParadise might be theirs.
Qur'an 9:111

The exalter reward for all the worship and glorification of God performed by believers and the instrument will be given at a time of the greatest need, in the form of fruits of Paradise. 

The Seventh Word

Believe in God and the Last Day

Solve both the enigmatical riddle of creation and open the door of happiness for the human spirit, and what beneficial and curative medicines are reliance on your Creator and taking refuge in Him through patience and entreaty, and supplicating your Provider through thanks, and what important, precious, shining tickets for the journey to eternity. Provisions for the hereafter and lights for the grave  are listening to the Qur'an, obeying its commands, performing the prescribed prayers, and giving up serious sins.

The Eighth Word

God, there is no god but He, the Ever-Living, the Self-Subsistent.Verily, the religion before God is Islam 2.
 1.        Qur'an,3:2;  2:255.

2.         Qur'an, 3:19.

Whoever makes this fleeting life his purpose and aim is in fact in Hell even if apparently in Paradise. And whoever is turned in all seriousness towards eternal life receives the happiness of both worlds. However difficult and distressing this world is for him, since he sees it as the waiting-room for Paradise, he endures it and offers thanks in patience...

O God! Appoint us among the people of happiness, safety, the Qur'an, and belief. Amen. O God! Grant peace and blessings to our Master Muhammad, and to his Family and Companions, to the number of all the letters of the Qur'an formed in all its words, represented with the permission of the Most Merciful One in the mirrors of the air waves on the recital of each of those words by all the Qur'an's reciters from its first revelation to the end of time, and have mercy on us and on our parents, and have mercy on all believing men and women to the number of those words, through Your mercy, O Most Merciful of the Merciful. Amen. And all praise be to God, the Sustainer of All the Worlds. 

To be continued.....

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